Friday, January 6, 2012

Scrappy quilt

Right after Christmas, Cory set me to work on another quilt. This one was to be a belated Christmas gift. I immediately consulted my stash. Since the intended recipient was a guy, I needed to find the least feminine fabric I could, which at this point meant my scraps. I was actually really excited to make this one. It would be my first scrappy quilt! I buy 90% of my fabric from the discount bin, so I get really random amounts. 1/2 yard here, 1/4 yard there, sometimes even a whole yard! So my scraps are extremely plentiful and varied. 
I had enough of each fabric to cut bunches of 2 & 1/2 inch wide strips of varying length. I sewed my strips together in 3's & then cut them into 6 & 1/2 inch long blocks. (I loosely followed this pattern).

Bunches of 3 strips wide x 6 & 1/2 in long blocks. 
The arrangement to the lower left of the picture is a completed block.

Then I arranged the little blocks into 4's to make the complete blocks. It's important to arrange all your completed blocks the same. So if you start with vertical facing strips in the upper left as I have, you must start all subsequent blocks the same way.
I sewed my arranged blocks together, trued them to 12 & 1/2 inches, and then arranged them on the floor as I wanted them to appear in the quilt (below) before sewing them all together.

My little helper
Completed quilt face with border attached.
Quality testing :)
Quilted & bound.
Close up :)
Super soft minky on the back!
I love how it turned out! Cor and I are pretty sure this is one of my best yet! :) It was fun to see what all my scraps could turn into! Luckily I have plenty more scraps, so who knows, maybe the best is still yet to come. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

M is for...

I'm not a fan of the DMV. Not a bit. Actually, I don't know of anyone that enjoys their DMV visits. Even though nothing bad has ever happened to me there, I get a little panicked when I have to go. It's kind of a weird, random phenomenon.
I was completely relieved when I walked out the DMV doors last month, Utah driver's license documents in hand. They send the actual card through the mail about a month later. When my license arrived, I stressed about the picture just like any self-critiquing girl would, then resolved to deal with it, and set it aside.
Something was nagging at me though...
I picked my license up again for a more thorough inspection. Name spelled correctly, DOB correct, Height, Weight, Hair...etc.
Then I saw it. There at the bottom. A teeny little letter that should not have been there, that I have never before seen associated with any profile describing me. "M"
The horror set in. M.