Sunday, October 30, 2011

ABC = Autumn, Boise, Christmas

A few things:
First, the cleanse is going great! I'm through the feel-yucky part & even past the 3 days of lemon juice/syrup mixture loveliness, and am just on the supplements right now, so yay for that :) Toxins, you get outta my body!
Second, I am now 25 years old. That's a quarter-century! Which is kind of cool, except now people's eyebrows get lost in their hair when they find out I have no children. Do they think I can't see their face when they do that?
Third, I have acquired what I affectionately refer to as my "Chewbacca Vest" {My spell-check is very upset about the word Chewbacca} and am wearing the warmth as we speak. Mmmm. When asked his opinion, Hubby Cory called it fancy, and then asked if it was "real" so naturally my response went something like, "Yes. I shot the beast myself." Hubby thought that was funny.
Fourth, since Hubby is working lots of overtime, I've been in Boise a while & had a tremendous time. Saw a BSU game, got my hair did, made pumpkin spice rice krispie treats, started my Christmas shopping... that's right CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. 
 Boise is a peach. :)

Yummy! These were so fun to make!

This pic is an insult to photography, but this is my Chewbacca vest! {borrowed Ali's mirror for this} :)

 My new hair! I added the second pic to show the colors a little better.

 Cruzer's been up to something again. He's a sly one!  Meanwhile Yoda showed up to help celebrate Mom & Dad's anniversary. {My idea! Nothing says "Happy Anniversary" quite like Yoda}

Saturday, October 15, 2011


So cleanses are kind of "in" right now.
But I'm doing this one because my Dr Dad decided I should,
and lets face it, I trust him 100%.
Today was day 1, which is only a prep day, so I took the supplements and drank a small lake. {Here I'll unnecessarily point out that I also peed about 42 times today}
I decided cleanses are super hard. Detoxing your body makes all the nasty toxins mess with you till they get the heck outta there. So you get headaches & nausea... normal symptoms, but knowing that doesn't make you feel better in the moment! {grrr}
My system is pretty pissed. Get it?? "pissed"! Haha. OkI'mdone.
So some things to do on prep days:
  • Wean off caffeine. {Naturally, I did this by drinking 20oz of Coke}
  • Stop eating meat. {In "Jamie" this meant go to Cafe Rio and hork down a pork salad}
  • No dairy. {Say "yes please" to cheese on the pork salad}
Basically I'm awesome at following instructions.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more successful pleasant :)

PS. On an unrelated note, I want these shoes for my birthday next week. Aren't they cute?!