Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big News!

I’m pregnant!
Haha. Probably anyone reading this knows this by now, but it seemed like I needed to re-announce it for the sake of this poorly updated blog.

After everything we went through last year, this pregnancy has just been that much sweeter. It’s made the morning sickness (yeah right, try all-day-long + night too- sickness) the swelling, the cramping, the Braxton Hicks contractions, the brutal headaches, the overwhelming fatigue, the heartburn, the acid reflux, the back pain & the little limb Baby girl has wedged into my ribs and refuses to remove despite my considerable pain, not only worth it, but welcome and even appreciated. (Call me crazy, but I truly mean that.)

I know I speak for Cory too when I say that we are elated that our little girl has finally decided to come to us.
We’re nervous, sure. What self-respecting first time parents wouldn’t be?
More than that though, we both are just so happy, so excited, so READY and even when I asked Cory the other day what he’s looking forward to most, I think he read my mind when he said he just wants to finally see her & hold her. (And then I started to cry. Pregnancy hormones!)

So some cool things:
  • We already know her name, (We’ve known for a couple years now, but that’s another story) and we won’t be announcing it until her birth. Sorry if I’ve dodged questions about this, it’s actually not because I’m worried about it being stolen or anything trivial like that. It’s just very near to my heart & I want to keep it that way for now. :)
  • Cor and I have been taking a hypnobirthing class together to prepare for our big day and we are LOVING it. It is just the coolest thing. 
  • We moved to a bigger place closer to Cory’s work and now we have the cutest little tiny bedroom for Baby Girl that I’ve been gladly arranging and preparing for her. (Nesting is the greatest!)
  • And coolest thing of all: We will officially be parents this fall!!!
 So there’s a brief update on our little {growing} family. More to come soon! :)